Who We Are

The Foundation works closely with the National Biodiesel Board to address national issues affecting us all -- cleaner air, greater economic development for rural communities, and enhanced national security through energy independence.  Organized in 1994, our mission is to accomplish outreach, education, research and demonstration activities for the advancement of biodiesel.    

NBF Board

Lynn_Jeff - FY14 President
Jeff Lynn, Illinois Soybean Association
Jeff Lynn is from Oakford, Ill. is part of a family farm dating back to 1833 that includes corn, soybeans and seed soybeans.  He is director of the Illinois Soybean Association as well as trustee for Chandlerville Township in Cass County, Ill. He has been active in the Farm Bureau and Menard County Extension Youth Council. Jeff and his wife represent an exchange student organization and have hosted eleven students since 2000.
Vice President
Mark Caspers, Director Nebraska Soybean Board
Mark Caspers is a fourth generation family farmer operating a diversified cropping operation on 600 acres of land in southeast Nebraska.  He is currently serving as director on the Nebraska Soybean Board. He is passionate about biodiesel and has been using B20 in his farming operation for more than ten years.

Lindsay Fitzgerald, Senior Manager/Government Affairs with the Renewable Energy Group, Inc.
Lindsay Fitzgerald has a history of working in the biofuels industry. Prior to working at REG, she worked as the Director of Regulatory Affairs for the National Biodiesel Board and before that, with the Environmental Protection Agency serving as a specialist on the Renewable Fuel Standard. Lindsay, has experience as a research analyst and legal assistant and is a graduate of Indiana University in Pennsylvania.
Mike Cunningham, American Soybean Association,
Representing the state of Illinois
Mike Cunningham is a corn and soybean farmer from Bismark, Illinois. He had been involved with soybean association work at both state and national level since 2002.  Presently he is the director on the American Soybean Association Board representing the Illinois soybean farmers.


John Heisdorffer, Iowa Soybean Association
As a farmer and volunteer director on the Iowa Soybean Association for more than a decade, John Heisdorffer brings first-hand industry knowledge to the National Biodiesel Foundation.  He served as technical chairman for the National Biodiesel Board for several years. He served as both secretary and treasurer for NBB turning his tenure on the board from 1996-2004.

Matt Jaeger, President and CEO of Emergent Green Energy

Matt Jaeger is a third generation farmer who has always had a passion for farming and agriculture.  He and his brother, Luke, launched Emergent Green Energy, a biodiesel plant in Minneola, Kansas in 2007.  Since that  time he's been part of producing, selling, and promoting the use of biodiesel.  EMG has been a member of the National Biodiesel Board since 2007 and Matt became a director of the National Biodiesel Foundation Board in 2013.

David Womack, Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board

A lifelong farmer, David Womack has been involved in biodiesel since the very beginning. Womack was part of the Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board in 1992, when the use of biodiesel was first proposed as a means of improving the price of soybeans. He has continued his involvement as a member of the Governing Board of the National Biodiesel Board, as biodiesel has gone from being just an idea to a registered fuel.

NBF Staff

Executive Director
Tom Verry Currently Director of Outreach and Development for the National Biodiesel Board, Tom works to establish synergistic relationships for the benefit of the biodiesel industry with key stakeholders including feed stock suppliers, state soybean associations, fuel suppliers, end-users, policy makers, government agencies, and environmental/ health groups. Tom also works to identify and access resources that will address the needs of the organization and the industry.

Advisory Board

Steve Howell
Steve Howell is president and founder of MARC-IV, a consulting firm dedicated to the development of industrial products from agriculture. Howell has extensive experience in the biodiesel industry. He is currently the Technical Director for NBB and the chairman of the ASTM task force on biodiesel standards. He is also a principal US liaison for biodiesel standards development with both ISO and CEN. His past work includes a wide variety of projects for both the government and private sector, including chairing the National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission that developed the BQ-9000 quality assurance program for biodiesel
  Darryl Brinkmann, American Soybean Association
Darryl Brinkman (University of Illinois 1981) and his brother farm corn, soybeans and wheat on 1800 acres in Carlyle, Illinois. He has served on the National Biodiesel Board for more than 10 years and he was also the National Biodiesel Foundation's president for more than 4 years.