What We Do

NBF Supports Biodiesel Technical Training
NBF provided funding to the Marc-IV to support Biodiesel Training to Diesel Technician.  The one-day course is National Biodiesel Board-ASE accredited. With this education, diesel mechanics are able to better advice customers and other technicians about the true impacts of using biodiesel blends, as well as its beneficial impact on global warming and reduced dependence on foreign oil.  This training provides the technical background so biodiesel is encouraged by mechanics, rather than discouraged—as was experienced in the early days of the ethanol industry.

NBF Co-Sponsored Greater Washington Region Clean Cities (GWRCCC) Biodiesel Workshop
This workshop was designed to provide fleet managers with current state-of-the-art tools and information that enabled participants to manage more efficiently.  The event included responding to questions on biodiesel technical issues and fueling locations and updates on the Renewable Fuels Standard.

Through grant funding from the National Biodiesel Foundation, GWRCCC has been able to meet with location District of Columbia fleet managers, the Smithsonian Institute and Government Services Administration (GSA) to discuss biodiesel.  In addition, they participated and presented at the Washington Auto Show and other local fleet events.  At these meetings, GWRCCC demonstrated the value of utilizing biodiesel. The GWRCCC has been effective in helping a number of area fleets develop a plan to utilize biodiesel. For the complete report, click here

Annual Biofuels Science and Sustainability Tour
Biodiesel was among the technologies featured on the recent “Iowa Biofuels Science and Sustainability Tour” . The group traveled to a dozen different locations learning about developing feedstocks and biofuel production processes, including the Western Iowa Energy biodiesel plant in Wall Lake.While on the tour, Board Director, Lindsay Fitzgerald of REG spoke with several important administration staff including Paul Argyropoulos, a Senior Policy Advisor in EPA’s Office of Transportation & Air Quality. She commented that, “Paul has been a key contact within the agency who listens to our industry’s concerns regarding implementation of the RFS and relays them to the appropriate individuals.” Tom added, “Educating folks like Paul about biodiesel is the reason we sponsor this tour.”  The tour had 35 attendees from Congressional offices, OMB, EPA and other regulatory agencies.

Next Generation Scientist Grants
In honor of his commitment to mentoring young minds, NBF created a memorial fund to help perpetuate Dallas Hank’s vision and legacy. The Next Generation Scientists Dallas Hanks Memorial Fund supports initiatives and innovations the next generation can imagine.  In 2015, the fund provided travel scholarships for  students to attend the National Biodiesel Conference and Expo. To be eligible for this scholarship, join Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel.

NBF Funds California’s Air Resources Board (CARB )
NBF provided funding to support a research study that proved biodiesel to be one of  the most efficient ways to cut carbon. Click here.  

Sustainability Workshop – ILUC at Monsanto
The National Biodiesel Foundation held our second biennial Sustainability Indirect Land Use Change and Sustainability(ILUC) Workshop at Monsanto in St. Louis, Missouri on September 21, 2016.  This workshop series sprung from the inspiration of the late Beth Calabotta who served as a knowledgeable and trusted advisor to production agriculture and especially the biodiesel industry.  Thirty experts representing multiple national laboratories, industries, and academic institutions presented the latest improvements to lifecycle analysis and discussed next steps to further improve GHG emissions modeling.  The workshop generated a priority list of projects to more accurately model biodiesel lifecycle emissions relative to fossil fuels. Click here for the meeting agenda. Click here for bios. Click here for priority list.