CEO of US Coachways Embraces National Biodiesel Foundation

Aug 21, 2014

By US Coachways | August 20, 2014
Biodiesel Magazine

Ed Telmany, CEO of US Coachways, discussed the commitment he and his company have to the National Biodiesel Foundation, an organization dedicated to advancing popular support for biodiesel. Telmany has been proud to implement green travel policies for US Coachways. 

Not only does using biodiesel create cleaner air, according to the National Biodiesel Foundation, it encourages greater economic development for rural communities and enhances national security through energy independence.

Telmany said, “More people travel by bus than by any other mode of transportation. We would love to see the motorcoach industry become cleaner and more environmentally friendly.”

Telmany added that by working with the National Biodiesel Foundation, the foundation will be able to have extra resources to influence the industry to decrease pollution through the use of biodiesel. “It also shows our clients that we are motivated to help our industry improve air quality,” he said.

In addition to supporting the National Biodiesel Foundation, US Coachways utilizes several methods to “go green.” The company prints out its literature on recycled paper, it has a paper recycling plan in effect at its locations and it has implemented online software so that consumers can sign contracts electronically rather than through paper.