Successful Diesel Tech Training in Exton, PA

Sep 21, 2016


Biodiesel Tech Trng Howell3
Steve Howell, National Biodiesel Board
Senior Technical Advisor presenting to students.

NBF co-sponsored the September 22, 2016 diesel technician training at the UTI Exton Campus in Exton, PA. Two hundred and eighty (280) participants tapped into the great mind of the National Biodiesel Boards technical expert, Steve Howell as he led the students through course material. The Biodiesel for Diesel Technicians Training Program is designed to educate and inform diesel mechanics and service technicians about the use of biodiesel blends in existing diesel engines. With this education, technicians will be able to better advise customers and their colleagues about the true impacts of using biodiesel and biodiesel blends in diesel equipment. Topics included the latest information about biodiesel OEM support: fuel quality, performance, service requirements, and impacts on PM traps and NOx after-treatment found on new diesel engines.

The National Biodiesel Board developed the first and only Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified biodiesel training curriculum for diesel technicians in North America. The program educates and informs technicians and mechanics of the tremendous amount of in-depth factual technical information that has been amassed over the past 20 years on the performance of biodiesel blends. This training provides the technical background so biodiesel is encouraged by mechanics, rather than discouraged—as was experienced in the early days of the ethanol industry.  The September training was the second offered with NBF support in Pennsylvania. The first was in November 2015 and would not have been possible without donations from HeroBX and Pennsylvania Soybean Association.

Training Brochure