NBF Co-Sponsored 9th Annual Biofuels: Science & Sustainability Tour

Aug 17, 2017
Executive Director Tom  Verry and Foundation Treasurer Lindsay Fitzgerald participated in the 9th Annual Iowa  Biofuels Science & Sustainability Tour. The Foundation is a proud sponsor of the tour. The 3-  day event educated Congressional staffers and  federal and state agency officials on sound,  science-based technology and practices being    adopted by the renewable fuels industry. Participants witnessed biodiesel and ethanol production firsthand as well as other next‐generation biofuels. “Over the past few years, the biofuels industry has faced many challenges  to inconsistent federal and state policies, making growth in this industry a challenge,” stated Tom Verry. “This forum allows decision-makers the opportunity to observe the results of these policies in the field.” Click for agenda.

     Iowa Tour 2017                                  

Grant Kiimberly explains how soybeans are grown and
how they are used for biodiesel.